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Club Policies

Club Communication, Play, and Refund Policies

1) Communication during Practices and Games: We ask that parents do not approach coaches during tournaments or practices to discuss playing time, ask questions regarding style of play, etc. You may, of course, have a friendly conversation with them after it is obvious they are no longer coaching the players during a warm-up, game, or cool down.

If you have a question or concerns we suggest:

Have your daughter come talk to the coach individually in a kind, calm manner after practices or games. Coaches are there to coach, so asking for feedback is completely welcome and appropriate. Asking “What can I do to get better?” or “How can I get more playing time? or “What area of my game should I focus the most energy?” are not only OK, but encouraged!
If both the player and parent do not feel as though the matter was addressed, or it is a logistical matter, please contact Jane at
*It is our team policy not to discuss playing time or the current issue with a parent during the tournament, as we are focused on team issues at this time. We request that you contact Jane after 24 hours to discuss this matter. Under most circumstances, we ask the player to contact us before we speak to the parent as we believe it encourages personal responsibility and teaches our players how to speak seriously to adults.

2) Team Placements: Players are assigned a team at the beginning of each season.  The player is expected to attend all practices and tournaments with her assigned team.   There are times when players may guest with another one of our squads to ensure we have enough players for a tournament,  We cannot make teams based on carpools, but if this would preclude your daughter from participating, we will consider this aspect.  Please let us know prior to teams being finalized.  

3) Attendance: In order for our teams to be successful, players must have regular attendance at practices, games, and tournaments.  Once you accept a roster spot, you are committing to attend all competitions and practices.  We understand that injuries, illness, and family events do arise, so if you do have a conflict, it must be communicated in writing to your head coach.  If you miss more than two  practices and one competition, we reserve the right to move you to another team.  If you cannot meet the attendance requirements, we ask that you do not take a spot on a club team, but consider an Academy team.

4) Protective Gear:

Individual Protective gear: Mouthguards and shin guards must be brought to all practices and games. Individuals who do not have proper protection will sit out of any exercises deemed unsafe and not be offered a refund for missed practices.

Masks:  Masks are used during corner defense for indoor and outdoor play.  Each team should have masks at games and practices for use by players. If you would like to order her own mask, you may go to or and order a mask. 

5) Payment and Refunds: We are a small business that attempts to make hockey affordable for all without overly costly fees. Discounted fees are available to families that qualify for free or reduced lunches. Please contact Coach Jane with proof of financial need to qualify. We also offer flexible payment plans for families that need time in order to pay club fees.

Nonetheless, we are small business that cannot accommodate nor afford mid-season cancellations or remiss payments. Therefore, there are no refunds once the season begins. If you find yourself unable to attend practices as the season begins, due to last minute conflicts, no refund will be offered. We will offer a credit for future seasons. Serious injury and case-by-case circumstances will allow club fees to roll over into a future season.

Even though we often payment to be paid at your own pace, all payment must be paid by the end of each season. Additional costs (uniforms, apparel, etc) are due at the time of order. Starting in the fall of 2018, players will be unable to attend practices without a credit card entered into our secure registration system. Families will be notified when they will be charged for fees. Unpaid fees will be sought by a third party collection agency 90 days after final due date of payment.